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sober social networking

You can search by topic and find a sober social group in your area or even a niche social group that just sounds fun to you and isn’t going to be centered around drinking. Building your new, sober tribe might take a little time, but there are things you can do to reinvent your social life and have a fulfilling, sober social life. Some involve a series of steps through which members must progress to complete the program. Others use apps or coaching programs to help members work on specific goals or psychological techniques to manage addiction’s underlying causes. Club Soda bills itself as the «Mindful Drinking Movement» and was designed for those who want to cut down, stop briefly, or quit drinking altogether. It offers a «How to Drink Mindfully» program and also a one-month reset refresher course.

No Amount Of Alcohol Is Good For Your Health, Global Study Says

sober social networking

Surrounding yourself with people who take care of themselves and value their well-being will encourage you to do the same. Knowing what you need will make it easier to recognize who should be a part of your support network. It may be beneficial to try engaging with multiple groups to find what works best for you. You may find virtual or online support groups suit you better than in-person ones, like Redditors in Recovery. Whether a 12-step program or a support group is a better fit will depend entirely on your preferences.

Sober Social Networks Spark Connections, Minus the Booze

  • «If I would have had an outlet like this back in 1998, I think things would have been very different,» Hamm, the Clean Fun Network co-founder, said of his nearly decade struggle to get sober.
  • It is now being piloted by several treatment centers in Massachusetts and monitors a user’s contacts and location and sends pop-up notifications to caution them about risky acquaintances or neighborhoods.
  • Bespoke bars with elaborate mocktail menus provide the “going out” vibe without the alcohol and antics.
  • The website offers a list of meetings, info on member meetups, and even info on a medical fund for treatment-related costs.
  • Free to anyone who wishes to participate, Alcoholics Anonymous is known for its 12-step process and welcoming community.

As we’ve reported, there are a variety of treatments beyond Alcoholics Anonymous, including counseling, medications and support groups to help people who want to end that dependency. This NIAAA guide can help you find a program or approach that’s right for you. Chris Marshall is a certified substance abuse counselor and the founder of Sans Bar, a venue for «the nightlife experience» without the alcohol, in Austin, Texas.

sober social networking

Cocaine Anonymous Online

Another social club member, Kathy Kuzniar, says she used to obsess over whether there was enough wine in the house. She says she feels calmer since she became sober, and she has lost 30 pounds. Once you’re matched with someone, the app offers a local listing of date spots that serve mocktails or places that are alcohol-free. Another feature of the app is a “burning desire” button that you can press to notify your group that you are having a difficult time and are thinking about drinking or using again soon. The app allows you to share your location (if you chose to share it) and helps you locate other people using the app in your area. The AA website offers a listing of alcohol support groups and meeting places in your area, as well as links to the local chapter’s website.

sober social networking

Is there Tinder for sober people?

At first launch, the server had seven members and now there are more than 70. The server hosts a monthly Happiest Hour meetup, which is a casual online hangout session to discuss topics ranging from privacy and data security to sobriety and TV shows. She is also working on co-hosting a Sober Paint & Sip party with Mental Health sober network Hackers. And she is developing a podcast that will feature sober individuals within the cybersecurity community. While Eston feels that, for the most part, colleagues and peers are respectful of his decision not to drink, it’s navigating those awkward moments that is one of the most challenging aspects of abstaining.

  • The company says it prohibits scams or content that could interfere with the operation of an election and removes ads that violate the rules.
  • «Russian propagandists are also appealing to its own hardcore supporters abroad since even those hardcore supporters do not wish to be publicly ostracized for supporting attacks on children sick with cancer.»
  • «I thought the community deserved to have better alternatives, where individuals could reap the benefits of professional networking with zero pressure to drink.»
  • Loosid is a free app for your smartphone that encourages you to have fun while staying sober.
  • Achieving sobriety is a monumental accomplishment, but maintaining it can sometimes feel challenging.
  • Join them on Instagram, view their “Addiction Talk” episode, or check out their podcast, which tackles all things related to recovery, community, and growth.
  • In addition, the company urges its users not to click on suspicious links, or to hand over personal information to untrustworthy sources.
  • Meetings can be held in person or online depending on your location.

When it comes to sobriety support groups, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is probably the first group that comes to mind. The group has a long history, which goes back to the publishing of “Alcoholics Anonymous,” or as members call it, “The Big Book,” in 1939. Research indicates that long-term encouragement from support groups and family can lead to a higher rate of sustained sobriety. Alcohol use disorder (AUD), formerly known as alcoholism, can have serious consequences, too.

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Irvine man killed inside residential sober living facility

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